Anthony Huszcza | Project Manager

Anthony Huszcza
Account Executive

My current career is not the sum of an intricate set of carefully planned choices.  Rather, I came to my current station in life via chance and doing what I love.  After high school I went to the Cleveland Institute of Art not sure of what I was going to go into.  I knew I loved art and knew I wanted to work in the arts.  After experimenting in a wide variety of disciplines I settled on photography.  The ability to instantly capture and then augment what you captured was very interesting to me.  It seemed to satisfy both my desires for instant gratification and my need to toil.  As my college years passed I became less and less into the capturing of the images and more into the augmenting of them.  This started out with modifying the chemical processes of photography and quickly moved to the digital manipulation of imagery.  Soon I was spending all of my time augmenting images digitally.  After college I started working first as a freelance photographer and retoucher, and then working directly for photographers and photo studios retouching their images.  

Over my career I have had many roles in the commercial arts industry, ranging from production artist to prepress management to project management to department manager. I started here at TRG as a production artist and loved it.  The atmosphere of TRG for production personnel is exceptional. Due to several twists of fate, including my previous experiences in management, I became the project manager for the CGI department.  

There it is!  I still love every second of it!

Fun Fact

Creates cards games similar in style to Magic the Gathering. 

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

When I am not working hard to make sure all our deadlines are completed, I spend my time in my favorite spots in Cleveland Heights. I am quite fond of The Bottle House, La Cave Du Vin, The New Heights Grill and of course Melt.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

There are many projects that I have worked on over the years but the project I am most proud of is the reorganizing of a floundering prepress department into a smooth highly efficient operation.  Each of the 3 years I worked in that department we were able to reduce cost with an increase in productivity and project completion as well as tremendously effect the profit margins. 

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