King James Dethroned, and Replaced by a TRG Reality Photograph!

A sense of disappointment pulsed through Cleveland as Lebron James, our glimmer of hope for winning a national championship, broke up with our fair city on national television. In what felt like mere moments after “The Decision”, workers got busy tearing down the Lebron James mural at the intersection Huron Road and Ontario Road by Quicken Loans Arena. “The Reaction,” as it’s been dubbed, was that of erasing his legacy from all parts of our scorned city including his jerseys, hats, memorabilia and finally the mural, leaving a large gap in the city’s Gateway District.

Sherwin Williams wanted to fill that gap, and remind Cleveland that there are people and businesses born and raised here that won’t leave the city. When Wyse Advertising approached us on behalf of Sherwin Williams to create the photo that is featured on the building, we were ecstatic to be a part of it. So much so that we sent one photographer up in a helicopter, and another to The Flats, to see how to put the city’s best foot forward… photographically speaking. On October 26th and 27th, our cityscape photo from The Flats taken by Senior Photographer Adam Wilde, went up where James once was, with a tagline that reads “Our Home since 1866. Our Pride Forever.” Take a look at this video of the mural taking shape… (Photo by Adam Wilde, Video by Tim Smith)