CGI Projects: TRG Reality's Owner Picks His Favorites

We asked the owner of TRG Reality, Martin Reuben, to pick a few of his favorite CGI projects that the studio has completed over the years and tell us why they stand out. Here’s what he had to say:

“There have been so many rewarding CGI projects here at TRG Reality that narrowing it down to a few is akin to choosing a favorite child -- but there are always going to be favorites. My favorites may not be the most creative images we’ve ever produced, but each represented an important milestone for us and our clients, so we’re very proud of them.”


“The first CGI project I must mention is eight years old -- and still going strong. We’ve done thousands of product photographs for Moen over the years, so when they came to us requesting CGI work, we jumped at the opportunity to get our hands dirty with CGI and broaden our expertise. 

Moen needed product photographs well before the actual product was available to shoot. Product models took too long to create, and there were often changes in product design after the first photographs were made. They needed images sooner for all of their marketing materials, like product packaging and brochures. 

The TRG Reality team did tons of research; we wanted to know exactly what we needed to create truly photographic renderings from CAD files so we could start this adventure off on the right foot. During our research, we discovered that there is no single software solution that gets the job done perfectly, so we integrated several solutions. Of particular value to this project (and subsequently everything about TRG Reality today) is that we are a photography studio with 30 years of experience in lighting subjects that are traditionally very difficult to photograph. When embarking on our first CGI journey with Moen, we had trained photographers either creating the CGI themselves or standing right alongside the person doing it, ensuring great lighting throughout all of the work. 

It’s also important to know that TRG is all about correct CMYK color correction.  The work that we do for Moen is absolutely color critical, and we’re very proud that we set the standard for finishes and color for certain lines of the varied products that Moen produces.”


“The Nike photograph you see below is another favorite of mine. It combines some of the best work of our photography and CGI departments here at TRG Reality. The Nike golf bag you see in the picture already existed, but the clubs did not. That’s why I like this image so much: the golf bag is a photograph, but we had to create the clubs using CGI. 

Image compositing of photography and CGI is something that we do seamlessly here at TRG -- a viewer would never know which part of this picture is real and which part came from a computer.”  


“I am incredibly proud of this CGI video we did for Sony’s high-end Vaio notebook computers. We worked with EFM Agency in San Diego on this project, and the reason it’s a favorite is because of the teamwork involved in pulling it off. It was a collaboration in the truest sense of the word; modeling, CAD conversion, texturing, animation, editing, and motion graphics all went into this video. Additionally, all of the images in the video are beautiful in their own right, and the animation and editing is dramatic and edgy. It was just a terrific project.”

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