Employee Spotlight: Anthony Huszcza

Meet Anthony Huszcza, the newest member of TRG Reality. This gregarious Photo Retoucher joined the team in late November, and since then he has been brining his jovial energy and generous philanthropy to the studio. And on Friday, March 14th, Huszcza took some time off from work to have his head shaved for a great cause.

Every year the St. Baldrick’s Foundation hosts several events in which men, women, and children alike raise money to have their heads shaved for children’s cancer research. This is the second year that Huszcza has had his hair cut for cancer, and in doing so managed to raise $500. A primary motivation for his becoming an advocate of this charity was his sister-in-law, who is very much involved with the charitable side of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. “Every year I get to raise a bunch of money for kids with cancer, and I get to shave my head,” a look he’s more than happy to sport. “I love having a shaved head, so it works out perfectly!”

TRG Reality Photo Retoucher Anthony Huszcza.

In addition to his happy hair loss, Huszcza also gives back to the community by running the Miles for Smiles race every year. As with St. Baldrick’s, he once again sees the perfect opportunity to combine two things he loves: helping children and running. Miles for Smiles is a 5k race that benefits Operation Smile, a charity that raises funds in order to heal children with cleft lips and cleft palates. “I think about these children, and I think it’s not fair. It’s the least I can do,” says Huszcza.

During those times when he’s not busy with his charitable causes, Huszcza is busy retouching photos, work he’s been doing for a little over 10 years. Now, four months into his new position with TRG, we wanted to know what he really thinks. “Oh, I love it! Everyone here is super nice and super understanding.” He is extremely appreciative of his new coworkers supporting his St. Baldrick’s Foundation mission, and was even more pleased when they donated so generously. “I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. The environment here is fantastic. Everyone here is so good at what they do.” Huszcza is quick to admit that although the work is challenging, he knows he’s working in a greatly rewarding environment. “I want to become the best that I can; learn as much as I can.” He looks up to the TRG veterans and knows he can draw from their experiences. And as for the clients, “[they’re] fantastic. Interacting with folks who are marketing executives of major corporations is pretty outstanding.”

Some quick fun facts about Huszcza: Other than his love of running, he also enjoys games of the board and card variety. He and his wife enjoy watching TV dramas, and he’s a bit of a Mexican food connoisseur. He has a dog and two cats, and clearly he can pull off a buzz cut. Welcome to TRG, Anthony!