What the TRG Team is Wishing for This Holiday

No matter which annual holiday you celebrate, most people consider this the time of year for giving. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to ask the TRG team a question. The premise was simple: if money were no object, and it had to be work-related, what would you want? The answers I received ranged from very reasonable to expensive, to crazy-expensive and just plain crazy, with a bit of overlap in-between. And there was a clear winner as to what gift most people would like. 

Check out the list below, and if anyone is feeling extra generous, feel free to donate any of these items to us (I may have promised some people that I could deliver on these gifts). In no particular order, here are everyone’s wishes:

Thomas: Anyone who knows Thomas knows he is great at what he does and really knows photography. With that being said, he rattled off a bunch of technical equipment-type products that I couldn't even spell. The last thing he mentioned was a Zeiss Lens. I’m in marketing - not photography - so I don't know what that is, but at a price point more expensive than the average home, I’m guessing it's spectacular.

Emily: A skylight/window – While this is a fantastic idea, there’s no way a window by her desk will be interesting, mostly because as she’s pretty much in middle of the building. We may have to spring for one of those LED pretend-window things that hang on the wall and offer views from all across the world. Or space. Yeah, a space window would be amazing.

Anthony: Centiq 24-inch screen – Retouching an image by actually drawing onto it would be pretty amazing, and I hope Anthony gets to experience that soon…but he won’t.

Mike: Oculus Rift DK2 + UE4 – Mike tried really hard to sell me on how him having an Oculus Rift would be beneficial and could really open up some CG possibilities for us, but I know he just wants it to play video games. Let’s not kid ourselves, Mike.

Karen: Four-day workweek – Karen would rather work four 10-hour days and have a three-day weekend. Some of us work 10-hour days every day, anyway. So, the answer is “No” to that one, Karen. 

Bridget: A remote control she could use to mute people and pause time. It’s pretty hard to argue about how awesome that would be. I don’t know what Bridget would do with the pause button, but I know I would use it to throw pies at people’s faces.

Adam: Summon bees from mouth. You read that correctly: Adam wants the ability to summon bees out of his mouth. All of you that know Adam are not surprised with this answer.

David M.: A bigger server – This is something I can actually provide. Step 1: Archive all of your old jobs. Step 2: You have a bigger server!

Marty: Pixar’s render farm – If we had Pixar’s render farm, does that mean my kids could meet Buzz and Woody? I clearly don’t know what a render farm is.

John: New iPad – I feel like John didn't go crazy with his request in the hopes that he could actually get the item he was asking for. No dice, John.

Derrick: VRay – Derrick wants VRay, some piece of software used in CGI. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Also, Derrick sounds exactly like Zach Galifianakis. I love Zach Galifianakis. I would totally buy Zach Galifianakis VRay. You’re the best, Zach!

Donnie: For TRG to have the most successful year ever in health and finances – I don’t know if anyone can argue with that one, Donnie. Well played.

Chris B.: Laptop carry bag – Well, Chris, I feel like I didn't explain the premise of this blog well enough to you. People are asking for up to million-dollar render farms and you asked for a laptop bag. Is this a subtle reminder to Adam because he promised you he would get you one and then immediately forgot and never actually placed the order? 

Matt B.: New chair – Getting a new chair is probably a necessity for you at this point after seeing what you have been sitting on for the past several years. I’m not sure why you don’t get a new chair the same way everyone else does around here – by stealing a coworker’s chair when they are on vacation.

Chris J.: Company hippie van – Nothing screams professional and reputable than pulling up to a shoot in a rusty old VW van from the 60s. Great try, though.

Tim: Schoeps Microphone - One of the quietest people in the studio wants a microphone. Makes sense, I guess. 

Bruce/Jeremy/Rob/Doug K.: Mac Pro – Easily the winner this year since everyone at the studio salivates over the specs on the new(er) Mac Pros. Can you imagine how much better and faster our work would be if we all received these amazing machines? Can you imagine how much easier management’s job would be when everything is running so smoothly and efficiently? (Am I laying it on thick enough here?)

Mandy: Personal barista – My personal favorite idea of the year: a barista on staff that will make your coffee for you all day long. Just login to the app on your phone/computer and place an order. Then your order is brought to your desk when it’s ready. Our clients couldn't be too upset that we have raised prices across the board when we tell them it’s for a personal barista, right? 

And last but certainly not least, we have the head-honcho himself, Martin Reuben, who arguably has the best wish out of everyone – “To always remember to be grateful of the amazing people around me.” That really sums it all up.

All joking (and insulting) aside, it’s the perfect conclusion to a fantastic year. We are all grateful of the amazing people around us. From the TRG team to all of our amazing clients, vendors, freelancers, and everyone else we have the pleasure of working with throughout the year. We couldn't do what we do without you, and we love every second of it. We are eternally grateful for all of you, and so excited to see what we can do together in 2015.

From all of us at TRG Reality, have an amazing holiday and new year, and be sure to get plenty of rest on your time off – we are expecting a very busy and productive 2015 with all of you.