TRG Reality Has a Spectrophotometer and We'll Use It!

In the “olden days of film” it was the professional photographer’s responsibility to give their clients transparencies that had perfect color. It was easy to hold it up to a light table and know if the color was right or not. But of course you can’t do that with a CD. And to make it even more frustrating, most photographers don’t take responsibility for the CMYK color accuracy of their files, saying that’s the printer’s job.

TRG Reality feels a little differently about these things. Using a spectrophotometer we’re able to precisely measure a color sample of your product and then match it exactly on a CMYK proof.  Just let us know what the color is supposed to be, and that’s the color that will print. So don’t let terms like SWOP, Profile, Colormetric, and Black Point Compensation scare you. We’ve got it all under control. Accurate color is our responsibility – it’s why you rely on TRG.