Innis Maggiore CGI Project Spotlight

TRG is constantly producing all types of multimedia for our clients. On any given day in the studio you can find a wide range of projects we are working on. E-commerce product photographyfull scale video productions, and anything in-between. A bunch of us at the studio will tell you composites are our favorites both to look at as well as work on. We did a pretty amazing composite recently that we'd love to tell you about.

CGI and Stock Compositing for Innis Maggiore

Recently we were contacted by Innis Maggiore to help them out with a fantastic image concept they had. One of their clients was trying to push the idea that their product could handle all types of non-ideal road conditions. This was an image that they would use for many purposes including web and large printed banners. During the conversation we decided a mix of CGI and Stock Compositing was going to be the best way to achieve the image they were looking for. We got all the information and requirements they had and we started working.

Since this was an ad that would be running in Latin America (Mexico and South America), there were several requirements for us. The city in the background had to be a non-specific city. The license plate should be representative of the area and the truck should be a truck that is popular in that region. We also had to be aware that the product wasn't covered up too much. To look realistic there has to be big giant splashes and splatters of mud and water but we need to be conscious that we don't cover up the product too much.

What We Did for Them

We started out by rendering out a plain truck for positioning and roughly compositing in some stock photography. This was used to get the client a look and feel of the image before we got too far into the project. There was little feedback based off this image so we began full production shortly after.

CGI provided renders of the entire truck in two different scenes. One truck was wet with rain and one had splashes of mud as well as a plain truck in case retouching needed it. Originally, the color of the truck was a specific orange/copper color so CGI matched the color in the renders as well. Once the renders were created and completed, the project moved to retouching where we began the tedious task of compositing more than 10 stock shots to create the environment around the truck.

The client decided that blue would be a better color for the truck so the color was shifted to differentiate the truck from the mud a little more. We made a license plate that resembles a plate from Brazil and used a modified city view of Sao Paolo. We created a ton of mud splashes and rain falling and rain hitting the truck and splashing back up. We turned on the tail-lights in retouching and took a bit of time making sure the perspective of the image and surrounding environment felt right - as the perspective of the stock shots were not the same in all the images we used.

Providing CGI Results

We were extremely happy with how this image turned out as was our client. Overall the whole project took about 40 hours and immediately became a big favorite around the studio. Check the results out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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