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Case Study: Smith's Ice Cream

"We’ve always trusted the quality of work that TRG delivers on photography projects. We were looking for something unique with this packaging project to capture our vision for the brand position, which is ‘Tradition that you can taste.’ There are some packages that you’ll see where the food doesn’t feel very natural, where it seems forced, fake, or artificial. We didn’t want the SMITH's ice cream to be made from fondant or mashed potatoes or anything; we wanted the real ice cream. We wanted to capture it with that little bit of melt or drip to give it this appetite appeal and we knew that we could trust TRG to deliver on that."

Jeff Monter, Principal of Creative Services at Innis Maggiore Group, Inc

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The Best of Photography

This week I was very excited to speak with the TRG photographers.  These folks have the creative vision and are intricately involved with projects all the way back from the concept stage and usually offer creative input and direction on these projects. They are usually the most involved with all of our projects and, honestly, I was extremely excited to find out what their highly trained and extremely experienced minds would determine as the best of the best.

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Why My Meetings Sucked

Have you ever been a part of a project that you were really excited about and couldn't wait to start working on? One of those projects where, during the initial meetings, you just couldn't wait to see what the final product was going to look like? One of those things where you wish you could hop in a time machine and skip a year into the future just to see how it all turns out?

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Project Management | Producing

Here it is! Round 4 of How'd You Get Here? This time we talk to the wonderful folks who manage your projects through our studio.  They make sure we get it all done on time, under budget (fingers crossed) and delivered to you. They actually do a whole lot more than just that - but you can read about everything they can provide for you here.

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Interview Gone Awry! Part 2

A few blogs ago, we took some of the oddest Interview Questions from 2015 and asked them to our 3 newest team members here at TRG. The results were fantastic!  The answers were funny, they were sad, they were embarrassing, we really learned a lot about who these people were and how their brains worked. To be honest, we probably learned a little bit too much about them and now its awkward when I pass them in the halls. Weirdos. 

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