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Case Study: SummaCare

“I have worked with TRG for over 20 years on more projects than I can remember. During that time, they've never let me down and have always exceeded my expectations. I can count on their professionalism and attention to detail on every project. The quality of their work is exceptional, and our clients have always been thrilled with the end-result." 

Randy Godding – President & CEO Knox Marketing 

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Geometry Global | AAPEX Project Spotlight

We have said time and time again that we are obsessed with amazing imagery. It's not just a tagline we tell people; we have a building full of people crazy for amazing images. When we get a call from a client with a very unique or interesting concept for images, it sets the studio abuzz with excitement. We want to share a really cool project with you that did just that recently.

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TRG Makes Room For All Those Rooms [Case Study]

"Honestly, the project seemed insurmountable - we had to build and shoot 28 sets in 2 weeks. TRG had the capabilities, organization, and attention to detail to not only pull it off, but execute it perfectly.  Not only that, but we had a great time doing it. From top to bottom the whole group was amazing."

Matt Metzger

Account Supervisor | The Adcom Group

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Who's Who on a Video Set?

Though we are known primarily as a photography studio, TRG Reality produces a lot of video as well. On a video shoot, you can expect to see numerous people hustling and bustling about, taking care of all that needs to be accomplished for the day’s work. But who are these people, and what do they do? Moreover, if you are on set during a video shoot, and you have a question about where a prop should be moved, the lighting, the talent’s outfit, lunch, etc., whom do you ask? Here is a list of all of the people, as well as a description of their responsibilities, you may find on your next video shoot with TRG.

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Adventures On Set: High Point Regional Hospital

At the end of August, we sent senior photographers Adam Wilde and Thomas Cook down south to High Point, North Carolina for a photo and video shoot at High Point Regional Hospital. What was supposed to be a routine location shoot began with a series of calamities we couldn’t make up if we tried. Still, after the wacky and frightening road trip in the “sketchy” company van, our photographers had an incredible time working with the clients and producing some truly amazing work, thus proving that no matter the obstacle, we shall overcome!

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Photography Nightmares!

Perhaps nightmares is a tad dramatic, but it can absolutely feel like a nightmare when you spend hours, perhaps even days preparing for something to happen a certain way only to have it erupt up in your face, all of your dreams scattering like volcanic ash on a tide of hot sulfuric air! Ok, that was a bit much, but for many of us, situations in which the unexpected occurs can be nightmarish, especially if you work in an industry where timing is everything. TRG Reality has certainly experienced its share of unique and unpredictable moments as photographer Tim Smith recounts a few of his memorable shoots when he had to think quickly and creatively in order to get the job done.

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TRG Reality Special Edition: We're Crashing the Super Bowl!

Members of the crew here at TRG Reality produced a Doritos commercial that could possibly air during this year’s Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010. Once the judges narrow it down to six finalists, they’ll open it to a public vote, which is where we’ll need everyone’s support! (Of course we are completely convinced that it will be in the top six.) Our good friend and Art Director Gary Pilla Jr. presented us his idea for the :30 spot, dubbed Rose Colored Doritos, and we were thrilled to produce it.

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