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CGI #throwbackproject

The first project I ever worked on (which remains one of my favorites to this day) was a room-set animation project for a new client that TRG had just started a relationship with. The project was for an international company that makes Interior Mouldings and Doors and they had some pretty cool concepts and ideas, however, I don’t think anyone on the team knew exactly what to expect when the project launched. I certainly didn’t see it being as beautiful or fun as it turned out to be.

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TRG Makes Room For All Those Rooms [Case Study]

"Honestly, the project seemed insurmountable - we had to build and shoot 28 sets in 2 weeks. TRG had the capabilities, organization, and attention to detail to not only pull it off, but execute it perfectly.  Not only that, but we had a great time doing it. From top to bottom the whole group was amazing."

Matt Metzger

Account Supervisor | The Adcom Group

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The Importance of Pre-Production in CGI Room Sets

One of the major benefits of using CGI instead of traditional commercial photography in a studio is the ability to build a room set without expensive or breakable props and actual products or product prototypes. With CGI, we can build everything inside that room set from scratch - even if the prop or product doesn’t exist. The room set will never break, and it can be revisited again and again for new product shots or future projects. This isn’t possible when building a real room set in a studio. 

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When Worlds Collide: Photography & Video Meet CGI

We recently shot a commercial with Wyse Advertising for GE Lighting utilizing their spokesperson Brice Cooper of HGTV’s Design on a Dime.  The spot for GE CFL Lamps was shot here in studio on two room-sets we constructed and decked out to reflect the 1960’s and 1980’s.  These were photographed as conventional still photographs.  The third set was an ultra-modern set that required some props and wall surfaces that just didn’t exist, so our solution was to create it in CGI.

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TRG Reality Room Sets: Yes You Can Have that Oriental Rug!

For quite some time now, the TRG Reality CGI department has not only created consumer products but also full room sets for clients such as Moen, Hoover, Blue Star, and Kichler.  CGI room-sets allow for the versatility to make changes to any part of the room at any time without the hassle or expense of having to reconstruct a room set in studio; and because the rooms are computer generated, our clients have an unlimited prop and construction budgets.

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