The Best of CGI

We do a lot of things in CGI.  We make golf clubs,

we make shoes,

we make perfume bottles,

Armani Perfume.jpg

we even make jars of honey.  

With these immense and diverse type of images that we work on daily -  we wanted to figure out what were the favorite images that our CGI specialists had ever worked on?  


The actual job wasn't ideal - the client didn’t end up liking the image, and we ended up recreating it another way. Not sure what the final ended up looking like. But I liked making the image.  It was completely different from anything I’d done before, or since.  Got to mess around with texturing techniques I’d not used before along with some software functions I’d not used before.  For whatever reason, I find the image appealing.


My favorite image was the pimped out cement truck.  It was a ridiculous concept and was fun to make and than render all the bling’ed out pieces.  Making the custom flames was really cool and it was fun to have the freedom to do what ever we wanted as long as it was cool.  The before and after pics are really cool to look at.


One of the more thought-provoking projects I’ve worked on was for Bertch Cabinets featuring a series of product images for Home Depot. It consisted of over 100 various products and they all needed to look photorealistic and visually consistent across all products. There was time and effort invested into not only texturing, lighting and rendering the CAD files but also writing some backend code to automate good portions of the CAD conversion, UV setup, naming and output of all the files. I really enjoyed the balance of creating something that looks nice as well as developing a pipeline to deliver the project.


I don't get to do a lot of projects outside of our longer contracts, so this is by far my favorite "image" from my time at TRG. I had free rein to do what I do best, which can be boiled down to "monkey see, monkey do.... everything from scratch... in a month." Even though I don't think of this as a good still image, it carries a weight as a teaser for people who learn that you can interact with the entire room. The viewer isn't subjected to the constraints of one static view, and that is what I love about 3d. It definitely reminded me of my time in college, which heavily involved pulling consecutive all-nighters to work on something in which I was creatively in the zone. I can look back at the work I did then, compare it to this environment, and I definitely see a checkpoint in my career as a 3d prop artist.


This is my favorite video i worked on. It was a project where we received almost zero instruction from the client thus i was able to guide what direction it went.

What's your favorite CGI Image we (or anyone else) has created? Let us know in the comments below