Bruce Jamieson
Senior Photo Retoucher

I didn’t have much of a connection to photography, let alone retouching when I was growing up. I did a lot of drawing and painting, lots of influence from comics, video games and fantasy illustration, which led me to the Cleveland Institute of Art, where I majored in illustration. There, I also got into photography, at first to learn how to take a decent copy shot but led to a whole lot more. I took a summer class for an intro to photography class using my grandpa’s Argus C44 rangefinder with three interchangeable lenses (from 1956), but soon upgraded to a Nikon FE2 (mid 80’s). After learning darkroom techniques and being introduced to the color lab, I did a lot of experimentation with stacking negatives, custom shaped film holders, physical masks and other stuff which was a lot of fun for me. However, color consistency was nearly impossible and making each print was a crapshoot. There was no realistic way I could continue this work post-college, but I discovered I could do nearly the exact same thing and an amazing amount more on the computer, so I made the jump to digital. I loved incorporating photographic elements with my drawings and watercolors, using my PowerMac G3/450 and a Nikon LS-2000 film scanner. Working with all of this gave me a great start in the fundamentals of retouching, color management, computer troubleshooting and a lot of Photoshop, which I brought to TRG in 2004 thanks to a bike messenger friend of mine who knew they needed more hands. Without calling first, I put on my suit, zipped up my portfolio and an hour after I knocked on the door I was sitting down to work on my first job!

Also, anybody want a film scanner?

Fun Fact

Father. Gardener. Bike to work-er. Draw-er. Ice Cream Maker.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Cleveland Heights Melt which has the highest delicious to affordable ratio in the city. Dewey's Pizza has the best pizza in the city and Porco Lounge has by far the best drinks.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

Client: Piggly Wiggly
Agency: Rawle Murdy


If I never had fun with Photoshop then I think I’d have to re-think all of my life decisions. One of the silliest live jobs I’ve ever worked on was with agency Rawle Murdy for grocery store chain Piggly Wiggly. They were holding a promotion where one enters a contest to win actual jewelry with every purchased cut of meat. To advertise this, stock photos of glamorous models in grayscale and styled like it was a classy jewelry ad were purchased, and it was up to me to “realistically” add a cut of bright red beef in place of a diamond. It was so well received that it made an appearance on Leno in his Silly Ads bit. Mama was so proud!