Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

It doesn't take a village, but rather a team of industrial designers, animators, medical illustrators, compositors, and former photographers to create top-of-the-line, realistic Computer Generated Imagery. Because we started as photographers, our team has an expert understanding of light and transform that knowledge into our CGI creations, making every scene and image look as though it was perfectly lit in our studio. We have the ability to blend photography and CGI so that you get the best, most photo-realistic results for your organization.

Why Use CGI?

Computer Generated Imagery allows you to showcase products or services in ways that traditional photography can't. Whether an item is impossible to photograph or you need to change certain aspects of a product, our CGI artists, generalists, and compositors work with you to create photographic quality images that you can use to connect with your consumers.

There are many different services that a CGI production company can provide for a business or an organization. We offer a variety of CGI services to help businesses and organizations achieve photorealism through technology.

  • CGI Product Images

  • CGI Video Production

  • CGI Animation

  • CGI Room Sets

  • CGI Exploded Views

  • CGI Rotations

  • CGI Cutaways




We may be a production company based in Cleveland, but our talented team members can blend photography and CGI to get photo-realistic results for clients across the world. See some of our recent work in our CGI portfolio to see our level of quality for yourself.


Case Study: Masterbrand

How we worked with MasterBrand, one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in North America, to create over 31,000 CGI images (and counting) for different brands and product lines.


Case Study: Metrie

"Every person that we’ve shown our catalog or online images to can’t believe they're not real photographs or builds. TRG does a great job of making sure the lighting and shadowing are in the right place so it makes it difficult to tell that it’s a computer generated image."

Christy Zukowski, Manager of Marketing Communications, Metrie



10 Important Color Facts For Multimedia Projects

There are a lot of factors that can affect the color in your photography and CGI projects. We share 10 color facts that will help you keep your project on track.

Forget About CGI Technique

Derrick Nau, a former Senior Texture and Lighting Artist at TRG Multimedia, writes a piece about his opinion on the future of CGI artists.


Not sure where to start? Use our CGI Checklist

We want your project to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we’ve put together this CGI project checklist with six things you'll need to help you get everything together before work begins. In order for us to provide an accurate estimate, this is what we’ll need from you. 

Questions About Your Next CGI Project?