Derrick Nau
Senior Texture and Lighting Artist

I sort of got into CGI when I was in early high school.  I was a pretty nerdy kid and I liked video games quite a bit (shocker, right?)  My brother encouraged me to try out a software called “Milkshape 3D” an early freeware modeling program used for making “mods” for the video game Halflife.  It did not really stick, probably because it was hard.  Fast forward to college. 

I took an intro to 3D modeling class (I think because it was required) and I ended up really enjoying it. Thus my interest was piqued.  Again at the encouragement of my big brother I signed up to be a student volunteer at the annual computer graphics conference, SIGGRAPH.  The conference blew me away.  It is probably the most important event in my professional life.  I have pretty much spent every waking moment thinking about CGI since then.  A few months after I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art, I heard back from TRG (I had tossed in an application when I was still in school) that they needed a freelancer.  I was pretty excited about hearing from them, because I thought they (we, now) did the best work around.  I was actually on vacation at the time and I spent the mornings working on their CGI test.  Apparently they liked it because I got the job and here we are now!

Fun Fact

Used to be in a metal band that traveled the world. Served as Posters Chair at SIGGRAPH.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

My favorite Cleveland hangouts are the BottleHouse, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cinematheque at CIA, and Le Petite TriangleThe BottleHouse has a great clientele and awesome, house-brewed beers and meads, plus it is close to my house, what is not to love?  Our art museum is great, you can learn a lot about observation and materials by visiting the CMA, which for me can't happen often enough.  The range of films shown at the Cinematheque is just amazing; from foreign films, to unseen classics, and a smattering of fan favorites, the Cinematheque is most righteous!  Finally, if ever you are in need of resuscitation, the corpse reviver at Le Petite Triangle is amazing.  Everything at LPT is amazing.  I love Le Petite.  Vive la brunch!

Favorite Project You've Worked On