Getting Started With Digital Media

We put together this digital media project checklist to help you understand our process and what we need from you to make the best possible digital media.


Good digital media videos start with preparation. We work with you to decide on the overall design and look of the project. Then we can plan for

  • equipment
  • personnel
  • props
  • and everything else that will be required to turn your vision into a quality finished product.

Once we have all  that information, we can come up with a solution to get your desired results within your budget.

We also dedicate time to research the social media platforms you're considering for your video. Different platforms have different video requirements - maximum lengths, whether they loop, etc. - and we want to craft a product that best fits your desired social media site. Social media can change quickly, so we want to make sure that we're on top of the latest updates.


Once everything has been prepped and planned, we can get to work on shooting the elements we need for your project. The digital media shooting process is similar to our photography services, except that we're moving elements little by little to complete your story.

This process is a lot like making a puzzle. We shoot everything shot by shot, with minor adjustments in between to create desired motion effects.

After a long process, we check and see if all of the shots match up into a full video. We are meticulous about capturing more than we need, so we go back and take new shots until we have enough to piece the whole digital media puzzle together into a coherent product. We will sometimes shoot video as well so that we can capture as much as possible. Whether we shoot stills or video depends on your individual project. We determine the best solution to capture what you are trying to accomplish.


Once the pieces are in place, we need to make sure that they work together. Different variables such as small changes in lighting can affect the color, timing, and consistency of the shots.

Retouching ensures that every shot works, fixing each frame so that every piece flows together. Our retouchers will also do general cleaning and color matching of products. They also have the ability to knock out the background or do more complex edits if required.

Once everything looks great, we check to make sure that the video is ready for social media. This means we make sure that file sizes aren't too big or upload times don't take too long. We then make any necessary adjustments to make sure you have the same quality production in a compact package for social media.


Now that you know what you need to do for your digital media project, it's time to get started! We've worked with clients across the globe and can turn your marketing ideas into a reality. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions, comments, or simply want to chat with somebody interesting . Or head over to our Digital Media portfolio to see examples of projects we've completed for our clients.