Doug Kiley
Photographer & CGI Generalist

While spending my days as a full-time photographer, I began to take interest in what I was seeing in our fledgling CG department. Everything I’d done on the computer up to that point involved the manipulation of two-dimensional photographs. Looking back, it seems so simple, but I was drawn to the idea of being able to build something on the computer and view it in 3D by rotating the object around. I decided that this was something I wanted to be able to do and began spending every spare moment I had learning the program by watching video tutorials and reading various documents I found online.

Because of my photographic background, the transition into CG was a natural fit. All the ideas and concepts I knew so well as a photographer became the foundation for everything I’d do in CG.

Fun Fact

Voracious reader. Gun enthusiast.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

If I am hanging out, I usually am doing it as far away from the city as I can. I like to hang out with my family watching movies.  I like hanging out in the woods with a chainsaw.  Hanging out on my bike while riding down the road.  Hanging out on a gun or archery range.  Hanging out in my garage making anything.  I like hanging out with a camera anywhere God has shown off by making beautiful snow capped mountains; crystal clear, winding rivers amongst dense forests, or immense rock formations surrounded by arid desert.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

The actual job wasn't ideal - the client didn’t end up liking the image, and we ended up recreating it another way. Not sure what the final ended up looking like. But I liked making the image.  It was completely different from anything I’d done before, or since.  Got to mess around with texturing techniques I’d not used before along with some software functions I’d not used before.  For whatever reason, I find the image appealing.