Emily Cestone
Photography Assistant

Well, after high school I enrolled at Kent State University initially to study biochemistry and ultimately become a dentist. Haha, I know. I soon realized that was not the path for me. I had always enjoyed drawing and painting but never realized it was something I could do professionally until after my 3rd major change when I stumbled across the graphic design and illustration program at Kent, pairing it with a photography minor. Being young, indifferent, defiant and frustrated with the traditional ways of school I dropped out, moved home and hopped from bartending job to bartending job, partying too much and investing my time into activities that were dead end, and pointless. I started getting tattooed on a regular basis which got me back into drawing. I thought to be free from institutionalized education would make me more enlightened, but in reality, it just made me even more frustrated and unmotivated. So, I buckled down, went back to school and moved to Cleveland. Part of my degree requirement was an internship, and that’s how I got involved with TRG. 

After my first day of working in the studio, my excitement to create and work and push myself was set into overdrive. Every day I learned more about photography and lighting and art and started coming on days I wasn’t even scheduled. Nothing else seemed to interest me more then what I could potentially learn here. Which brings us to today where I’m still just as excited to come to work and be a bit less of a degenerate.

Fun Fact

I once ate 2 lbs of pizza in one sitting. That’s pretty fun. 

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I enjoy going anywhere with live music, so I mostly frequent The Foundry Concert Club and Now That’s Class, in Lakewood. 

Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite shoot was definitely the commercial we shot for Delta Private Jets in Cincinnati. We hung out in a private jet hangar throughout the three day shoot. My favorite part was the point when we needed a gooey grilled cheese for a shot so I hand steam a grilled cheese sandwich on the tarmac  with a clothes steamer. 

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