Based on the amount and urgency of all the texts we keep getting from all our Headshot-less friends, we figured it’s time to offer up our annual Headshots event. Headshotsapalooza 2 will happen on October 11th, 2019! So, sign up right away for a $100 retouched headshot.

We only take reservations and once the schedule is full, the deal is over. You can’t just show up unexpectedly – like my friend Todd who just shows up on the weekend expecting me to drop everything and go help him pick up his car. And when I needed help moving, guess who was unexpectedly out of town that weekend?  Yup. Todd.

Todd doesn’t even have a good headshot – his Linkedin profile is a picture he took with his wife at a wedding and he just cropped her out – but you can still see like part of her face and her arm. Also, there’s a cigarette in his mouth. It’s really unprofessional.

Don’t be like Todd. Make a reservation and get a great headshot for cheap.



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