Ian Zainea
Video Editor & Compositor

In my younger years, friends and I would make videos together for fun. We actually made a trilogy of corny fight-club-esque movies (which even recently got a 10 years-later reboot/sequel!) I became the go-to guy for video projects in high school. After spending college years focusing on “serious stuff” like public relations and economics, I quickly shifted back to my love of video and film. I bought the Adobe suite and ate up all the online education I could. After a while I'd amassed enough skills to be hired as a full-time editor, and now 7 years later, I'm still doing the job and enjoy making creative works.

Fun Fact

I act in community theater and have been doing it since high school. I love character roles with physical comedy (Jim Carey is an inspiration). My favorite role though has been a drama. I played Victor Frankenstein in a play-version of the film, called Frankenstein 1930.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I've never really had one, but if I had to pick, the Edgewater Overlook. It's not uncommon for me to pick up Wendy's on the weekend and park there, eating lunch while watching the Lake. It's quite peaceful.


Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project would be a medium-length comedy film I edited, Public Axis 3000, or compositing work for films like Blackmark or Love You Like Christmas! Here at TRG, my favorite projects have been commercials for Delta Private Jets and Medical Mutual. They were lots of fun to make and tell good stories.