Ian Zainea
Video Editor & Compositor

In my younger years, friends and I would make videos together for fun. We actually made a trilogy of corny fight-club-esque movies (That even recently got a 10 years-later reboot/sequel!) I became the go-to guy for video projects in high school. After spending college years focusing on “serious stuff” like public relations and economics, I quickly shifted back to my love of video and film. I bought the Adobe suite and ate up all the online education I could. After spending some time trying to work on my own, I started at a company here in Cleveland, and after a short stint there moved on. One two-year studio job and a year of freelancing later (some of that with my new home), TRG just couldn’t get enough of me and now I’m here five days a week and glad to be here!

Fun Fact

I act in community theater and have been doing it since high school. I love character roles with physical comedy (Jim Carey is an inspiration). My favorite role has been the Miser, from the play The Miser by Molière, it was a hoot! Although, it was high school, so I won’t be able to play that role again for some 60 years!

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I’ve lived in Northeast Ohio for eight years, but haven’t spent much time in Cleveland. I’ve only been living here for about a year, so I don’t have one yet. Suggestions?

Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project would probably be either Bounder, a short film I worked on VFX for, or the TV movie “Love You Like Christmas,” which I also did compositing for, and my first summer-for-winter matte painting! Here at TRG, my favorite so far has been a Shurtech FrogTape commercial. It’s beautifully shot, with great writing, and chock full of fun sound effects! Was lots of fun to make.