Jeff Barr

I went to a vocational school (Westshore Lakewood) to learn Construction Trades and worked at a cabinet shop for 13 years after graduating. After I felt I had very strong experience and knowledge over a wide range of construction projects I started my own company and went out on my own for 5 years. My brother’s friend introduced me to TRG who needed help building and demo’ing sets from time to time so I started working with them on a project by project basis. Now, with the new set warehouse - there is an immense amount of construction work needed - so I’m here every day.

Fun Fact

I love to spend time with my 3 kids, family, and friends. I love to be outside as much as possible - hiking, fishing, kayaking, rollerblading, and going for long walks on the beach.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

My favorite place to be is in the metroparks.


Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project was the Kichler 360 and all the sets in the auxiliary space when we first came to the building.

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