Jeremy Baldi
Senior CGI Generalist

I have always liked art, design, engineering, and graphics and was always drawing and creating as a kid. Legos were and still are my favorite toy. In high school, I took every art class available and in senior year more than half my day was in the art wing. I then went to art school and studied industrial design because it was a perfect combination of design and engineering. It was there that I was introduced to 3d programs. I really enjoyed them and excelled in them because I understood 3d space and how things need to go together from multiple angles (the lego experience helped with this). I then kept using 3d for industrial design projects and started using the rendering portion of the programs and because of my art training was able to get some really great results. I continued using 3d as one of my many tools for personal and professional applications and have continued that until today.

Fun Fact

Father of two. Builds and races karts at over 120mph. Commutes by bike 30 miles road trip most days.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Boss Pro and High Voltage indoor karting.  Momocho and Spice restaurants. Hope Christian Church. Cleveland Metro parks.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite image was the pimped out cement truck.  It was a ridiculous concept and was fun to make and than render all the bling’ed out pieces.  Making the custom flames was really cool and it was fun to have the freedom to do what ever we wanted as long as it was cool.  The before and after pics are really cool to look at.