Julie Milliman
CGI Generalist

I come from a tiny town in Michigan called Colon. It’s the Magic Capital of the World! When I entered my Junior year of High School, I signed up to go to Glen Oaks Community College, a local Community College, to take Graphic Design. So instead of going to regular High School classes in the afternoon, I went to the community college instead. I continued to go there into my Senior year, and even did a two-month internship at a Printing Company nearby. But Graphic Design wasn’t my passion, I was very curious about 3D and animation. That’s what led me to the DAVE School in Orlando, Florida. My time there was amazing, and I learned a lot. I had absolutely fallen in love with working with 3D. After graduation, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Shortly after that, I got an internship at TRG! I interned for about a month and a half and was offered a full-time position.

Fun Fact

I love to collect figures, I love cats, and I love drawing.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I frequently find myself ending up at Cathy’s: Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches in Downtown Cleveland, and the Cleveland Art Museum is super cool to go to as well!


Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project that I have worked on would have to be the roomset that I created for the Kichler Abbotswell project. It was the first big project I was given that I worked on from start to finish, and it was also the very first roomset I have ever worked on. I created the room, and then someone from retouching composited the light fixture into the room. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot on that project.

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