Kyle Kresge

My initial interest in photography started on a college class trip to the Everglades photographing with a 4x5 film camera and lenses. Changing film backs by hand in a changing bag, doing everything by touch in a boat was a fun jolting experience into the world of photography. After college I moved to Florence Italy to continue my education in photography and ended up staying for several years, immersed in the push and pull of artwork from the Renaissance and contemporary works fueled constant inspiration to create in the photographic medium. After a stint of time living in Europe and the west coast, I found myself in Cleveland and became enamored with the culture, museums and vibrant art and photographic communities that this city has to offer. I realized halfway through an MFA program that I wanted to work in the commercial field of making and taking photographs. I left that program and started assisting photographers around the city of Cleveland and Pittsburgh and loved how every day was different and each project just as exciting as the last. Being at TRG and being a part of like-minded individuals who continuously push their craft gives me the inspiration to create every day and learn the nuances of light.

Fun Fact

College Athlete, Amateur Printmaker, Coffee Enthusiast.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Transformer Station. Free Contemporary Art space in cleveland with different and diverse exhibitions and film screenings throughout the year. Peaks inspiration and creativity of current international artist exhibitions

Cleveland Museum of Art - a free to the public bastion of vibrancy and culture. From their exhibitions to events and atrium for relaxation. 

Favorite Project You've Worked On

I loved working with Nautilus - It was a project where we had to capture motion and stills at the same time on location. It was a fast paced, enjoyable experience. 

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