Lauren Hurd
Production Coordinator | Prop Master

I majored in graphic design at Marshall University and have always enjoyed photography as a hobby. Before TRG, I worked as a Human Resources associate at the Cleveland Clinic and while I got to do a little graphic design work I missed my ability to be creative and it made me realize I wanted to be involved in a more creative and free thinking environment.  I think the thing that attracted me most to the Production Coordinator role was my passion for organization.  I feel like I fit right in as the TRG Prop Master and couldn't be happier channeling my inner Martha Stuart everyday.


I like to go into abandoned buildings and take pictures. I like how things decay and nature takes over. The coolest place I’ve been to is an abandoned country club in West Virginia – it was untouched by people – so you could see exactly how nature just took over everything.

Also - I was a collegiate swimmer and have modeled swimwear for Nike! See if you can find me on the website today.


My favorite Cleveland Hangout is Lifetime Fitness. I am a big fitness person and you can pretty much find me here when I am not working or sleeping. It’s a great gym – they have absolutely everything including a rock wall, basketball courts, even a nail salon, daycare etc.

For food related hangouts – I love Barrio. They have the best queso hands down.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

I love the Nestle food shoots – the food looks amazing and it is so fascinating to see how they create the dishes so perfectly. The smells throughout the whole studio are the best thing ever.