Lexi Verbos

I have always been really interested in 2 ends of the spectrum, art and math. I am sure this is in direct relation to my mom being a graphic designer and artist and my dad being an engineer. Initially I went to college thinking I would become a high school math teacher. Although my main focus at the time was taking at least 2 math courses a semester I always fit in an art course to keep me sane. From there I really discovered my love of photography and decided to switch from majoring in math with a minor in fine arts to exactly the opposite. I graduated with a major in Fine Arts and minors in Math and Web Design. After college I worked with a wedding photographer as their second shooter and eventually began to shoot my own weddings. A few months into shooting weddings I heard of the opportunity at TRG through a family friend. I interviewed and began working at TRG as the receptionist. From there, I would assist the financial manager with data entry and began taking on new roles and responsibilities around the studio. The opportunity to become a project manager came about and I jumped at the chance. The rest is history! The role as project manager allows me to not only be involved in each aspect of a project but also to combine my love of art and math. From estimating the project, to seeing a concept come to life on set, to watching the retouchers work their magic, its really an awesome way to spend your work week. And although the work is extremely fun and creative I really believe it’s the people who make the place, and that’s why I love it so much here. 


Short story writer. Wedding Photographer. Has a blog post dedicated to just how great she is. Eye-Roller.


I am an avid brunch goer so you can usually find me at Dante Next Door every Sunday at 11 - can you say pasta carbonara frittata? I also love going to any CLE sporting event and am a Cavs season ticket holder. 

Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project that I have worked on was for Sherwin Williams for their CEO portraits. Part of my role here is managing the retouching department and my favorite projects to bring them are the ones where they are able to be creative and show off their skills. Sherwin Williams displays paintings of their CEO’s in their conference room and our goal was to use a colored photograph of the current CEO and create a black and white painting of it done entirely in post to match the existing portraits. Bruce was the creative genius on this project and completely nailed it.