Marty Horvath
Senior CGI Generalist

I went to college at Ohio University, Graduated with a BFA from the College of Fine Art in Visual Communications with a concentration in Photographic Illustration. I graduated in 1993.

While I was in college I bounced around freelancing at a series of Cleveland studios during summer breaks.  
When a project would end, I would always ask the photographer I was working with if he or she knew other photographers that would be good to learn from. 

In 1991 that question paid off when posed to Commercial Photographer, Andy Rossetti. He gave me a list of what he felt to be the top 12 or studios in town. Of course, Martin Reuben Photography was on top of the list and subsequently one of my first phone calls. 

I went to see Martin who at that very moment he was in the middle of a rather large room-set project for Moen. In a prior life, I had paid for college with a skill I had acquired in the family business setting tile. 

Since I knew how to grout tile quickly and without a mess he put me to work right away. 

In the spring of 1995 I accepted a full time position at Revco Headquarters as a photographer shooting newspaper ads. In February 1998 Revco announced it was going to be acquired by CVS. The day that information made the news I came home to a message on my answering machine from Martin. He asked if I was interested in coming and talking to him about a full-time position. 

Thinking back to 1991, meeting Martin and touring the studio, it was obvious to me even then that this studio had the best toys and the coolest atmosphere. Most importantly, there were 15 or so talented people here (including Doug Kiley) to share knowledge with and from. It was the place I knew that I eventually wanted to work.

Fun Fact

Custom-made fishing rod builder.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

When you are driving down the west shore-way and you look to the North you will see a rather large orange structure about 3.3 miles away. My wife I share the same interest in boating. Since Lake Erie doesn't have a lot of structure that spot seems to hold fish regularly.


Wexlers on State Road they have really good food and afterwords you can walk a couple blocks south for desert at the Honey Hut

Favorite Project You've Worked On

A few year back i got to work with the product designers at a company called Klipsch.  

For this project they didn't know what materials that they wanted to make a new set of headphones

I was able to suggest and render materials to show them before any money was spent tooling for the product

What seemed like a week or two after the project completed these really beautiful glamour shots we and made were already in Before a product actually existed.