Mary Ann Gergely

My journey to TRG has been diverse in nature, four states (Ohio, Florida, Michigan & Pennsylvania), four industries (Real Estate facilities, Hospitality, Custom Cabinetry and Photography) and several layers of management (Sr. Designer, Project Manager, Producer & Director of Operations). Throughout my journey I have gained great friendships and skills both professionally and personally. I look forward to expanding both at TRG.

Fun Fact

This past summer I volunteered for the MLB All Star Playball Park and festivities. I had the privilege of representing Cleveland by greeting people to the events, helping them with registration and cheering participants in the VR games. I can honestly say it was an awesome way to enjoy my first summer back in Ohio

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Merwins Wharf
West Side Market
Progressive Field


Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite project was coordinating the construction & move from TRG downtown to the new space in Brooklyn. As with every project there are challenges (working in a construction zone, consolidating 3 sites into 1 and continuing to keep business running). I definitely would not have been able to accomplish this project if I didn’t have a great team to count on.

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