Mike Calhoun
CGI Generalist

Born and raised an Ohio native. Self-taught video editing and motion graphics since high school, studied film production at Cuyahoga Community College, attended The DAVE school in Orlando, Florida studying modeling, VFX, and animation with TRG employee Ryan Peticca. Moved back to Ohio after graduating and was encouraged to apply to TRG as a modeler/animator by Ryan.

Fun Fact

Perform stand up, sketch, and improv comedy based in the Northeast Ohio area.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I've always loved art and the Cleveland Museum of Art is a unique space, as well as having some incredible pieces from history. The environment of the museum is beautiful on its own, just spending time there is relaxing.

East 4th is home of The Corner Alley and Hilarities at Pickwick and Frolic. The Corner Alley is great because it has a good selection of food, a huge round bar and has a whole separate area if you want to bowl. Pickwick and Frolic is a gorgeous lounge on its own, but it's also the home of Hilarities, a really intimate stage space where touring comics usually perform exclusively. Playhouse Square is like walking into a different world in the downtown area, the theaters host touring plays as well as comedy festivals, seeing 'Phantom of The Opera' there was incredible.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

I liked the Metrie Room Sets Animation project the most because it was an ambitious undertaking with a lot of elements. They were rooms filled with objects as well as a single unit itself, which provided different challenges. The assembly animations were particularly tricky, which made the payoff in the end much more satisfying, and a really eye-catching piece.