TRG is a pretty special place. It's a cool studio in downtown Cleveland, OH where you will find a bunch of crazy, hilarious, smart, creative, and extremely talented people all obsessed with the same exact thing. 

Imagery. We make amazing imagery.

We do it in many different ways - Photography, CGI, Video, Digital Compositing - how we get there doesn't really matter. What matters is we make your creativity, ideas, and imagination come to life. 



Our extremely talented staff of photographers don't simply take beautiful pictures, they produce works of art. From billboards to product photos, there is no job too big or too small. They bring experience, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to every job - helping to capture the images you need and the ones you can't live without.

Computer Generated Imagery

It doesn't take a village, but rather a team of industrial designers, animators, medical illustrators, compositors, and former photographers to create top-of-the-line, realistic CGI. Because we started as photographers, we have an expert understanding of light and transform that knowledge into our CGI creations, making every scene and image look as though it was perfectly lit in our studio. We have the ability to blend photography and CGI so that you get the best, most photo-realistic results.

Video | Motion

It's long been said that still photographers make the best filmmakers because of their attention to lighting and detail. Whether it be in a hectic emergency room or a closed sound stage our video and motion capabilities allow us to create impactful and unique media. We have extensive film and video expertise, as well as in-house editing capabilities that ensure a quick turn around, giving us the flexibility of shooting in the morning and editing in the afternoon.

Composite Imagery | Retouching

Composite imagery is photography, computer-generated images (CGI), and/or stock photos that are blended together to create hyper-realistic or fantastical results. Using compositing, we can create anything your imagination can dream up. We're able to take existing assets and merge them together, to create a seamless finished image that is indiscernible to the viewer. Every project is unique and all solutions are customized to ensure you get exceptional results that work perfectly for your campaign.

Digital Media

GIFs, videos, stop-motion, time-lapse, cinemagraphs, freeze-time etc. All the really cool creative social media-driven content that really catches the eye of your audience. We utilize our entire range of services to accomplish making the most creative ideas come to life within a short clip built for social media. These are the fun projects that perform really well on social media and make your brand, your idea, or your product really stand out in the digital world.

In-House Production & Project Management

Producers and Project Managers are an integral part of the process that many people don't think about. These are the folks who find all the assets you need for your shoot (like locations, talent, and props) as well as the people who make sure your project stays organized, on time, and under budget.




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