Rob Boyer
Senior Photographer

I first began my interest in photography as a young teen when I purchased a mail order Kodak instamatic film camera for $5.00. As a child I always had an interest in tinkering with art and construction projects and I liked the ease of making photos of family members, pets and other documentary scenes.  Soon I was experimenting with my own color and B&W film developing and set up my own darkroom in the basement bathroom. In high school with the help of my more experienced cousin I bought his Pentax 35mm SLR camera and soon became consumed by all things photographic.  I purchased more camera equipment as I gained experience and money and soon owned an arsenal of medium and large format cameras and enlargers. At this point I had taken no formal classes in photography until my second year in college during the middle of pursuing a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Akron.  While taking a fine art photo course at Akron as part of a course elective my photo instructor recommended R.I.T. to finish out my formal education which I did. My R.I.T. experience was invaluable and I learned that a person is capable of almost anything in life if they have the desire. 

Fun Fact

Kayaker. Currently building a fully green cottage. Planting a native wildflower sanctuary on an acre of land that we own. It will be designed to attract Monarch butterflies and is sponsored by the Dept. of Agriculture.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Really enjoy dinner at the Minh Anh Vietnamese restaurant after a day touring University Circle museums.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

Client: University Hospitals Health System


This is an old shot from the 90’s that I worked on for University Hospitals. This image was used with several types of media including billboards. It was shot with a 4x5 view camera entirely in one shot (it was before Photoshop existed). I rigged up a fish tank and a jig to repeatedly dunk the tablets to get consistent results. Just very minor retouching was done. It was all in camera with a single shot. This image shown was cropped vertically for the newspaper ad but they used a horizontal version for the billboard. The special part I liked of the billboard version of this shot is that the ad was the first billboard image to replace the long running Marlboro man cigarette ad on the downtown Innerbelt Bridge.