Sarah Girosky
Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

I was one of those kids who couldn’t take notes at school without surrounding the page in doodles (98% of which were horses). I was also always taking photos of my horse and editing videos. Not just because I adored my four-legged friend, but because I wanted to permanently retain his memory and the impact he made on my life.

That’s what draws me to video and photo: their powerful ability to summon an emotion or thought in the viewer. They are the way of the future and a way to the past.

Filled with the desire to go pro with digital media, I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where I received my BFA in video editing and motion graphics. While there, I took a business course taught by Martin Reuben, which led to a summer internship at TRG. After graduation, I went on to work at a local studio for eight years, sharpening and expanding my skills in video editing and motion graphics for broadcast, internal, event, and web. Subject matter ranged from product videos to instructionals to tear-jerking cancer survivor stories and everything in-between. Now, almost a decade later, I’ve returned to TRG as video editor and motion graphics artist, and I also lend a hand to the retouchers when needed. It’s exciting to see how TRG has continued to flourish since my internship. It’s thrilling to be a part of this devoted team!

Fun Fact

Equestrian. Passionate about all things fitness, holistic health, and nutrition. 

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

The Cleveland Zoo!

Favorite Project You've Worked On

I love muscle cars, so the video we did with the car and car parts is inspiring to me. I love the energy it exhibits through the pacing of the edit and the attention it demands through it’s color palette and reflective lighting.