Scott Meurer

As a young man I moved to LA because I wanted to work in movies or media in some capacity. I was able to get into location scouting and did some work on movies such as Jackie Brown and TV shows such as America’s Most Wanted. I started at TRG around 1996 or 1997 as a photo assistant - the vibe and feel of the studio was so cool back then. Loud music, everyone running around, cool shoots, it was just a really cool time to be involved with the studio. I eventually left and started freelance producing at many of the studios around town until I eventually opened my own coffee shop. I learned a ton about construction then by gutting the whole place and building everything up brand new. After that I started my own construction company and have been working for clients doing almost anything you can think of. Now that TRG has so many construction needs - I am here every day building or demo’ing something.

Fun Fact

I play guitar and sing in a band. Since the late 80’s we’ve played regionally and opened for many national bands including Creed and Skid Row.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I like to spend the free time I have outdoors. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking the peninsula towpath, or Headwaters Trail in Burton.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

My favorite TRG project would be the Mr. Gasket shoot we did in Pamona, California in 1997. I also loved the modern farmhouse set we built at the old studio.

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