Starla Daniels

I was so thrilled to join TRG Reality in April 2018 as the CGI Project Manager. I’ve managed programs and projects throughout my career in the the hair care, diagnostic imaging, retail and hospice care industries, and am excited to transfer my skills to the multimedia industry. As a project manager my days are filled with lots of details, daily lane changes, and a never-ending supply of surprises. It’s the juggling that I love - and bringing it all together to the delight of the client is magical! I can, by the way, actually juggle three tennis balls. Just ask me for a demo and I’ll prove it!

Fun Fact

I lived and worked in Sweden for a year, living in Malmo. It’s an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad - it gives one a world perspective you just can’t get any other way.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

When I’m not at work you can find me at a Cleveland Metroparks - hiking, camping or canoeing. You can have the beach - I’ll take the forest any day! Another favorite pastime is live music, so House of Blues and other Cleveland music venues are regular hangouts. LOVE the local talent! My yoga studio is Yoga Roots in Cleveland Heights. That’s where I maintain the balance in my life. Other than that, you can find me in my backyard with friends - or just me and my border collie, Lexi - stoking a campfire and relaxing with a glass of wine.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

Being so new to the CGI Team, EVERY project is my favorite, but if I had to choose just one I would say working with Shurtech on the Duck Brand Mover’s Edge animation was a great experience. It was truly a team effort and the animation we created was top notch. I was able to interact with the client in person, and the mad skills of the CGI Team blew my mind.

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