Tyler Spicher
CGI Generalist

My journey to TRG Reality was one filled with many diversions, but no matter what, I had the unwavering desire to work with 3D CG. I grew up in Warren, Ohio. I initially began working with CG in high school when I competed in a computer animation competition in both Indianapolis and Anaheim. After that, I knew that CG was what I wanted to do with my life. It is an excellent blend of art and technology. After high school, I attended the University of Central Florida for a couple of years. Not finding my niche there, I soon found myself at the DAVE (Digital Animation & Visual Effects) school. It was a fantastic experience where I made many lasting memories and gained tons of experience. Soon after graduation another member of the TRG team, Mike Calhoun, who also graduated from DAVE, happened to call the school inquiring about potential candidates for a CG Generalist position. After accepting the position, I gathered my things and made my way north to Ohio to Cleveland to start at TRG!

Fun Fact

I enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl records. At home, I have a small but growing collection of all genres of music. I also like snowboarding!

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Having been in Cleveland for such a short time, I am still learning and hearing about all of the different hangout spots. Right now I’ve been enjoying downtown a lot.
The library is excellent and one of my favorite candy stores, Rocket Fizz, is very close by.


Favorite Project You've Worked On

So far, my favorite project that I have worked on would be the Summer Classics’ Charleston furniture set. It was one of the first projects where I was left to my own devices to complete. I was proud of the lighting I had created in the image, as the CG furniture had to eventually be composited into a photograph and the lighting had to match.

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