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“As you move through your career, you become more and more selective of your “team”. They are responsible for your professional success, the love of your career and a reflection of your standards. We each have our select few - the ones you go to when you need something bold, elegant, engaging, dramatic . . . effective. TRG is that for me. Aside from their impeccable visual storytelling – whether strategizing, concepting, shooting, or editing, it’s a group of people that are true partners. They flex based on your needs – whether a small photo shoot or livestreaming a multi-camera production late into the evening. They are innovators. They are artists. And . . .  they are just great humans. This is the team. My team.  Oh yeah, and then there’s the studio pups .” - Dana Schindler, VP Jewelry Services

Jared utilizes TRG for connecting the storytelling dots between Jared’s offerings and their consumer by utilizing our photography and video services.

Project Name: Jared Partnership Overview
Client: Jared
Year: Various
Project type: Photography, Video

Vintage Car Shot
two women laying among flowers
Engagement ring
Locked Fingers
close up shot of two rings
Skylar Starks Italliadeora Sho
Two men smiling at each other


In addition to the brand imagery and video created for Jared’s products, TRG creates supporting videos that continue to tell their story in a different way.

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