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Our 40' x 60' cyc wall, nestled within our soundstage, offers a versatile and distortion-free backdrop for photo and video productions. Featuring grid lighting with DMX control, convenient garage door access, and a seamless design, our cyc wall ensurxes a straightforward and professional environment for your creative projects. Explore the technical specifications below and bring your vision to life with ease.


  • 40' width x 60' length
  • 20' to the grid
  • 40' to the ceiling


  • Approximately 7.5' squares
  • 1 1/4" 440 steel pipe
  • 20' high, covering the 40' x 60' floor plan
  • All lights are cabled and programmed for DMX control
  • 11 Skypanel 120s spaced approximately 4.5’ apart to light the cyc wall
  • 12 ETC Lustr 3 Lekos, available as accent or back lighting in the grid
  • Controllable via Blackout Lighting Console, loaded on an iPad Pro
  • DMX cables are patched into a DataCube (1x Swisson 8-port node, 1x Swisson Opti-Splitter, 1x 24 channel switch)
  • Thirty 20 amp circuits within the grid
  • On the ground, 600a mp service available via a LEX Company Switch 200 A 5 Wire Disconnect
  • Two Lex 1200 amp Distro Box
  • Four Lex 100 amp Lunch boxes
  • Various distro available, 100 amp bates, 4/0, splitters, turnarounds, tees

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