TRG Multimedia

What you're about to see may or may not be real. That's the beauty of what we do at TRG Multimedia. The process of how we get there doesn't matter; we are consumed with making beautiful imagery. Whether it is photography, CGI, video, or the perfect blend of everything, we'll partner with you to determine the solution that best fits your needs.


Video Production

It's long been said that still photographers make the best filmmakers because of their attention to lighting and detail.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

It doesn't take a village, but rather a team of industrial designers, animators, medical illustrators, compositors, and former photographers to create top-of-the-line, realistic CGI.

Retouching & Composite Imagery

Composite imagery is photography, computer-generated images (CGI), and/or stock photos that are blended together to create hyper-realistic or fantastical results.

Commercial Photography

Our extremely talented staff of photographers don't simply take beautiful pictures, they produce works of art.


Digital Media

Digital media helps businesses attract attention. Social media users can have short attention spans, so you need content that can catch your customers' eyes and share your message.


In-house Production & Project Management

Producers and Project Managers are an integral part of the process that many people don't think about. These are the folks who find all the assets you need for your shoot (like locations, talent, and props) as well as the people who make sure your project stays organized, on time, and under budget.