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Commercial Video Production

Video is one of the most effective ways to market your product - but it takes the right team to bring your videos to life. TRG is a full-service multimedia studio that works with you throughout the production process to ensure your video is produced as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With TRG, there is no video production job too big or complicated. Whether it's in a hectic emergency room or a closed sound stage, our video and motion capabilities allow us to create impactful and unique media. We have extensive film and video expertise, as well as in-house video editing capabilities to capture the video assets your business needs to tell its story.

In a time where more video projects are conducted remotely, TRG has the expertise and technology to deliver stunning videos without you ever being onsite.

Our creatives and technicians are adept at remotely guiding clients through video projects. Whether you’re working from home or located across the country, we can conduct pre-planning and video shoots via a multitude of virtual conferencing services. Throughout this process, our team will work with you to accommodate your project needs and produce remarkable video assets that tell your story.

No matter which type of video you need, we can work with you to market your product, spread your message, and achieve any other goal you’ve set for your project. Partner with TRG to have our team deliver tailored solutions for your brand’s creative vision.

Our Full-Service Video Production Studio

As a premier multimedia studio, we have the tools and technology needed to create large amounts of content without sacrificing quality or creativity. We’ve filled out our 160,000-square-foot studio in Brooklyn, Ohio with top-of-the-line video equipment, dozens of custom sets, and several other investments to enhance your video options and save you money. Want to see all the fun tools we can use to level up your brand’s video assets? Take a look at what our studio has to offer.

Our Video Portfolio

If a picture says a thousand words, our video portfolio could go on for ages. We could keep talking about how TRG excels at creating custom video content for everything from TV screens to iPhones, but we’ll save you some time and let you check out our work for yourself.

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