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Ensuring Your Vision Comes to Life: Top Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

Ensuring Your Vision Comes to Life: Top Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

At TRG Multimedia, we thrive on creating exceptional productions that bring your brand’s vision to life. Your journey with us starts the moment you schedule your shoot, meet your dedicated team, and spend the day collaborating with us to capture the perfect assets. After the shoot, your producer will send you a contact sheet for your selects, and then we’re off to the races as your shots head to post-production. But how can you ensure your voice is heard throughout this process? Here are our top tips to ensure your feedback is as effective as possible.


Share Everything
Think of this step as setting the stage for a flawless production. There’s no such thing as too much information! If it crosses your mind, we want to know about it. The more detail you give us upfront, the fewer questions we’ll have later. This helps us deliver your final assets quicker and in the way you envisioned them.


Embrace Teamwork
Remember, we’re in this together! Your wins are our wins, so don’t hesitate to voice any concerns to our crew, whether it’s the producer, the photographer, or an assistant. We’re here to tackle any issue or adjustment that pops up. If something can’t be fixed immediately, we’ll note it for post-production. Clear, open communication during the shoot helps ensure everything is on track and up to your standards.


Once you’ve made your selects, following these tips will help keep the post-production process smooth and efficient:

  1. Assign a Point of Contact
    Having one person provide feedback ensures a clear, direct line of communication. When multiple people from different departments give conflicting feedback, it can slow things down. Designating one voice for notes and edits helps us keep the process streamlined and focused.
  2. Keep it Streamlined
    We’ve recently moved our client reviewing platform to Ziflow, which allows both your team and ours to review, make notes, and add references all in one place. This is the optimal way to provide feedback. If Ziflow isn’t an option, creating a single document for reference is the next best thing. Keeping all feedback in one place helps us stay organized and ensures nothing gets missed.

  3. Be Descriptive
    The more specific you can be with your feedback, the better! Use descriptive language and explain why you do or don’t like something – we promise, we won’t take it personally! Providing references or examples can be incredibly helpful. Understanding the reasons behind your preferences allows us to align more closely with your vision.


Our goal is to collaborate with you as a team. By following these tips, you can help us provide you with the best possible assets for your project. Clear communication and detailed feedback ensure that we can make your dreams come true and deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations. We’re thrilled to work with you and can’t wait to bring your vision to life!

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