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5 Things You Didn't Know You Could do on a Cyc Wall

In the world of content production, having the perfect scene can sometimes make all the difference. At TRG, we take pride in our creativity and innovation, and we wanted to bring our clients a new way to work. That’s why we invested in building the largest cyc wall this side of the Mississippi.

TRG's Virtual Production Revolution: LED Walls and Unreal Engine Transform Filmmaking in 'Peripheral'

In an era where the lines between reality and digital artistry blur, TRG stands at the forefront of innovation. Last year, we made it our goal to explore the world of virtual production, a domain where technology meets creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. Our recent project, 'Peripheral', serves as a testament to our innovative spirit and technical prowess. At TRG, we're not just using cutting-edge technology; we're redefining it.

The Value of Photography in a Video-Centric World

The future of multimedia production is evolving rapidly. What is the future of photography in a motion-centric world?

Crafting Compelling Content for Social Media

In the social media landscape, where 4.76 billion users engage in various platforms, content consumption has transformed from a pastime to a marketplace. In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to make your content stand out amongst the crowd.

AI and Multimedia: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Our Work

AI is changing the way that we create visual assets for brands. Find out how we use AI and how it impacts your projects.

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