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Crafting Compelling Content for Social Media

The Evolution of Social Media

In the social media landscape, where 4.76 billion users engage in various platforms, content consumption has transformed from a pastime to a marketplace. As we dive into the digital era, we must acknowledge the close relationship between social media and e-commerce. With the inception of Instagram and Facebook's e-commerce platforms in 2019, and Tiktok’s implementation of Tiktok Shop in 2023, passive scrollers became active shoppers. This shift highlights the importance for brands to tailor their content to cater to an audience that makes purchase decisions while scrolling on their phones. In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to make your content stand out amongst the crowd.

Embrace Verticality

Traditionally, photographers aim for wide, horizontal shots to mirror our real-world perspective. However, life has changed a little since the invention of the iPhone, and with a mini-computer attached to us 24/7, a shift has occurred. Vertical orientation reigns supreme. Whether it's photos or videos, the vertical format not only caters to user behavior but also occupies more screen real estate, ensuring your content takes center stage. We always recommend getting a variety of shots, but consider how things will be cropped (Facebook and Instagram favor a 1:1 or 4:5 ratio, while Tiktok videos are typically in 9:16) and shoot accordingly.  


Storytelling Through Captivating Visuals

In a world inundated with information, a well-crafted image or video can transcend language barriers and resonate with diverse audiences. Aim for clarity, relevance, and authenticity in your visuals.

Instagram and Facebook allow for a slideshow, or carousel, of 5 images per product – so make sure you highlight your product’s features and details. Achieving the ideal composition, styling, lighting, and angles is paramount to nailing each and every aspect of your product. We recommend a few glamour shots, one or two details, and a lifestyle image when applicable. Whether you’re showcasing your product in action or providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse, every visual should contribute to the overarching narrative of your brand.


Video’s Rise to the Top

While e-commerce platforms like Facebook and Instagram Marketplace will likely always rely on professional, clean-looking product photography, consider the other areas where a user may stumble upon your content. In 2022, the explosive rise of the video-sharing app TikTok propelled it to become the most downloaded app of all time. As a result, vertical videos have become the most popular form of daily media consumption. This change has led to a reimagining of how brands showcase their products. So, what do we recommend? Lean into the unknown and get creative with show-stopping visuals and sound effects – and make sure your marketing team keeps an eye out for trending effects and sounds that can be used with this content. Luckily, our video team is up for the challenge, assisting brands in crafting informative content for impactful product launches.

Consistency is Key

Consistency breeds trust and loyalty, turning casual scrollers into dedicated followers. Whether you’re shooting photos, videos, or a mixture of both - establishing a consistent visual identity is crucial for brand recognition. From color schemes to typography, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across all platforms fosters familiarity with your audience. Our Art Directors are there every step of the way to ensure we’re staying true to your brand’s identity.

Conclusion: Crafting a Digital Legacy

In a world dominated by social media, the ability to craft compelling content is the cornerstone of a successful digital strategy. As e-commerce thrives on these platforms, brands must adapt and innovate to stay relevant. By embracing vertical content, visual storytelling, consistency, and active engagement, your company can elevate its digital presence and cultivate a loyal online community. In social media, where every scroll is an opportunity, mastering the art of content creation is not just a choice but a necessity for brands. TRG is committed to helping you reach these goals – and we’ll have fun while we do it.

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