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Five Things You Didn't Know You Could do on a Cyc Wall

In the world of content production, having the perfect scene can sometimes make all the difference. While working in commercial photography and film, your product typically takes center stage – but the environment it exists in can tell a whole story. At TRG, we take pride in our creativity and innovation, and we wanted to bring our clients a new way to work. That’s why we invested in building the largest cyc wall this side of the Mississippi.


What's a cyc wall?

A cyc wall, short for cyclorama wall, is a seamless curved wall used in photo and video studios to create an infinite background effect. This feature is essential for producing clean, professional shots without visible corners or edges in the background, allowing for versatile and dynamic compositions.

Our state-of-the-art cyc wall isn’t just any blank wall—it's a canvas for your imagination. It gives us unparalleled space to create seamless backgrounds for your shoots, whether you're working on a small-scale project or a grand production.

While most of us think of a cyc wall in the traditional sense, i.e., one or more models or products against a seamless white wall, we can do a whole lot more. Take a look at our list of five things you didn't know you could do on the cyc!


1. Get Creative with Lighting

Our cyc wall isn't just large enough to build multiple custom sets; it has a gridded ceiling and fully controllable LED lights. A typical shoot in one of our in-studio sets requires a variety of equipment, from lights to dimmers and gels for creative, colorful sessions. The gridded ceiling and controllable LED lighting setup allows us to customize your lighting without using valuable floor space, making it perfect for any kind of shoot. Want a dramatic, moody shot with directional lighting? We’ve got you. Need a dynamic piece with a full spectrum of hues? We can make that happen in the click of a button.

2. Create Custom Sets

One of the most exciting aspects is the ability to build entire custom sets. With so much space available, our team of talented art directors can design, construct, and adjust sets to exceed your expectations. Plus, with a garage door opening and lots of space to move around, we can move in large-scale appliances, furniture, cars – heck, even a hot air balloon, with ease. While our current sets in-studio offer creative customization, if you’ve got larger-than-life dreams, we can do it on the cyc.

3. Seamless Backdrops for All Shots

Since the wall has no edges or curves, we’re able to film and photograph individuals or large groups against a seemingly infinite backdrop. When working on teaser images for our 2023 Leap Year Party, our team wanted to create a whimsical shot showcasing movement – and the cyc wall was the perfect setting. So, how’d we do it? We photographed one stilt-clad model moving around on the wall, then our retouchers composited all the shots into one. Since we didn’t have to worry about corners or edges, post-production was quick, seamless (no pun intended), and effective.

Additionally, while the wall is typically white, we can paint it whatever color we please. For an added layer of technological wizardry, we can paint the whole wall green, transforming it into a 40 x 60 green screen.

4. Incorporate LED Walls for Advanced Effects 

For those looking to push the boundaries of technology, our cyc wall can be paired with an LED wall for an ultra-advanced experience. Take, for example, our "Peripheral" shoot, where we used an LED wall to create a dynamic, moving background for a car scene. This integration opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to achieve stunning visual effects that were once only possible with green screens and extensive editing in post.

5. Perfect for Sound and Visual Recording

Located in our soundstage, the cyc wall is perfect for recording both audio and visual content. This controlled environment ensures that your recordings are free from noisy distractions, allowing you to focus on capturing high-quality sound and visuals. This makes it an ideal space for interviews, music videos, and any project where sound clarity is crucial.


Our cyc wall is more than just a blank wall—it's a versatile, high-tech space designed to meet the diverse needs of modern creatives. Whether you're looking to build a custom set, film against a seamless backdrop, incorporate cutting-edge technology, or ensure pristine audio quality, we’ve got you covered.

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