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”This was an explorative, creative endeavor to assist in the direction and guidance of a visual and aesthetic look forward for the TRG team, backed by a deep desire and enthusiasm to create for the project by its contributors." - Kelley Shaffer, Creative Director

Client: TRG
Year: 2022
Creative Director: Kelley Shaffer
Project type: Photography, CGI

archway with dramatic lighting
chair next to bookshelf
Painting of flowers


Residency invites visitors to experience the art of design in a collection of imagery and CGI that highlights industry trends.

TRG let the Art Directors, Stylists and Set Designers take the driver’s seat and push the boundaries of the creative process. TRG’s Photo, Video, and CGI teams collaborated to truly define what excellence can be.

table and chairs
random objects in a beige room with sunlight
bust silhouetted on a table

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