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Simply put, brands these days need unique content – and a lot of it. Finding the right partner can be a challenge. TRG Multimedia is designed to create clever, unique solutions to provide our clients with all the content they need using an efficient process and thoughtful budget options.

TRG started as a humble photography studio with a handful of employees over 35 years ago. TRG has since grown to become one of the premier, top-down solution content creation studios in the country.  Our 130,000+ square foot studio includes 40+ stock sets that are easily customized to fit our clients’ needs (unless the client’s need is an active lava pit).


TRG is a one-stop shop able to handle any of your projects, whether they include video, photography, retouching/compositing, CGI, or elements from all the above. Unlike many multimedia studios, we employ a world-class team of creatives in each of these departments under one roof. (Think of it like MTV’s “Real World” if it was populated with talented people.) This is good news for the client’s bottom line since using a single production house is more cost-effective.

When you need quality content, it’s essential to find the right studio for your business. There are thousands of studios across North America dedicated to creating stunning visual content, but not all of them make sense for your business – TRG included.


TRG works with national and international brands across a wide range of industries. From brands like Moen and Vitamix to organizations like the Cleveland Cavaliers, no content creation project is too big for TRG. We partner with brands and organizations that need an expert to create large amounts of content to use on multiple platforms. We have extensive experience executing high-end video, photography, and CGI work. If you are not sure what type of content you need, our team will work with you to discuss your goals, needs, and budgets to figure out the most efficient way to achieve those results with our services.


In a time where more projects are conducted remotely, TRG has the expertise and technology to deliver stunning content without you ever being onsite.

Our team has extensive experience remotely guiding clients through production projects. Whether you’re working from home or located across the country, we can conduct pre-planning and video shoots via Microsoft Teams or some other form or virtual conferencing services. Throughout this process, our team will work with you to accommodate your project needs and produce stunning video assets that tell your story.


There aren’t many content creation studios in North America that offer the breadth of creative services that TRG does – and none of them can provide the same level of strategic solutions and dedication to providing premier client service like we can. Also, none of them has nearly as many studio dogs.

We’ve designed our system here at TRG to maximize all our capabilities to deliver the most high-quality content at the most competitive price.

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