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Are you ready to start your next multimedia project? We know that when the time comes, you need a partner that not only understands and cares about your needs but has the in-house capabilities to efficiently complete your project.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, TRG Multimedia is a full-service multimedia production company. It's 160,000 square foot of studio space features a 40' x 60' cyc wall, soundstage, over 40 semi-permanent customizable sets, two food stylist kitchens, a MILO robotic camera, a two-story prop room, and so much more. Founded in 1983 by photographer Martin Reuben, TRG Multimedia is one of the only studios in the country offering a complete range of integrated services.

Check Out All the Tools and Technology We Have in Our Studio

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Our Team

Client Services
Adam Wilde | President, Director, & Photographer
Adam Wilde
Mike O'Brien | Director of Business Development
Mike Obrien
Anthony Huszcza | Account Executive
Anthony Huszcza
Lexi Verbos | Production Director
Alexia Verbos
Hannah DiMatteo | Production Director
Hannah Dimatteo
Mary Ann Gergely | Set Director
Mary Ann Gergely
Melissa Bentley | Producer
Melissa Bentley
Madison Kofalt | Producer
Madison Hunkus
Kayse Schmucker | Producer
Kayse Schmucker
Erin Raby | Producer
Audrey Warrenfeltz | CGI Producer
Audrey Warrenfeltz
Alyssa Standen | Associate Producer
Alyssa Standen
Craig Cardilino | Director of Marketing & Operations
Craig Cardilino
Ryan Hardy | Director of Innovation
Shannon Salupo | Studio Floor Manager
Abby Benge | Post Production Traffic Manager
Abby Benge
Chris Rayle | Post Production Manager
Mary Elizabeth Dewitt | Project Manager
Colette Zilka | Controller
Colette Zilka
Patti Semancik | Human Resources
Patti Semancik
Lylah Wolff | Marketing Specialist
Allison Grayson | Equipment Manager
Allison Grayson
Samantha Nold | Client Services
Sam Nold
art direction
Dana Sobota | Art Director & Set Stylist
Deanna Domino | Art Director & Set Stylist
Lauren Skunta | Art Director & Set Stylist
Lauren Skunta
Brigit Youngblutt | Art Director & Set Stylist
Brigit Youngblutt
Nicky Bogdanovic | Set Stylist
Gwen Blackshear | Set Designer
Tosh Price | Set Designer
Lauren Hurd | Production Coordinator & Prop Master
Lauren Hurd
Eliza Karp | Stylist Assistant
Eliza Karp
Giana Vigliotti | Stylist PA
Jennie Semaj | Production Assistant
Jennie Semaj
Nikki Lavdas | Production Assistant
Nikki Elliot
Anny Nguyen | Production Assistant
Aaron Cartland | Production Assistant
visual storytellers
Thomas Cook | Director, DP & Photographer
Thomas Cook
Paul Sobota | Director, DP & Photographer
Paul Sobota
Rosie Hileman | Photographer
Rosie Hileman
Tim Smith | MILO Tech & Photographer
Tim Smith
Kyle Kresge | Photographer
Kyle Kregse
Stephanie Nguyen | Photographer
Steph Nguyen
Michael Stanis | Photographer
Michael Stanis
Nicholas Weiss | Director of Photography
Craig Rockwell | DP & Photographer
Craig Rockwell
James Johnston | Studio Assistant
James Johnston
Celeste Moore | Studio Assistant
Celeste Moore
Shah Saleem | Studio Assistant
Shah Saleem
Nick Anderson | Studio Assistant
Nick Anderson
Roman Smith | Studio Assistant
David Hankinson | Photo Retoucher
David Hankinson
Bruce Jamieson | Photo Retoucher
Emily Bandrowsky | Photo Retoucher
Emily Germann
Jen Pearce | Photo Retoucher
Jen Pearce
Miranda Davis | Photo Retoucher
Miranda Davis
Kit Evcic | Photo Retoucher
Kit Evcic
David Miller | CGI Supervisor
Marty Horvath | CGI Generalist
Marty Horvath
Jeremy Baldi | CGI Generalist
Jeremy Baldi
Doug Kiley | Photographer & CGI Generalist
Doug Kiley
Matt Baldi | CGI Generalist
Matt Baldi
Mike Calhoun | CGI Generalist
Mike Calhoun
Tyler Spicher | CGI Generalist
Tyler Spicher
Julie Spicher | CGI Generalist
Julie Spicher
Brycelyn Klugerman | CGI Generalist
Dane Etto | CGI Generalist
Brynn Bowling | CGI Generalist
video editing
Sarah Witsaman | Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, & Colorist
Sarah Girosky
Tim Kay | Director, DP, Editor
Jon Nix | Video Editor & Motion Graphics Artist
Jon Nix
Chris Young | Video Editor & Motion Graphics Artist
Chris Young
Brendan Dancik | Construction Coordinator
Brendan Danick
Kyle Dean | Painter
Kyle Dean
Jeff Gonzales | Carpenter
Jerry Gonzales | Carpenter
Jerry Gonzales
Logan Jones | Carpenter
Scott Meurer | Carpenter
Scott Meurer
Jim Ogrin | Carpenter
Jim Ogrin
Chris Wiegand | Carpenter


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