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Our Tools and Technology

You don’t become one of the premier, top-down solution content creation studios in the country without making a few investments. While we started off as a humble photography studio in a 15,000-square-foot space, we’ve grown into one of the only studios in the country offering a complete range of integrated services – and that means we have plenty of fun tools and technology at our disposal.

These days, TRG is a one-stop shop for major brands seeking world-class content. We have an extraordinary team of creatives with access to all sorts of toys to make your content even cooler and more cost-effective than ever before. Here are some of the exciting tools and technology you can find in our 160,000-square-foot multimedia studio.

40' x 60' cyc wall

Cyc walls are a staple of studios everywhere, but few have walls like ours. Our 40-foot by 60-foot cyc wall is one of the biggest east of the Mississippi River, which gives us even more space to provide seamless backgrounds for any photo and video shoots. Our wall comes with a gridded ceiling and fully controllable LED lights, allowing us to customize your lighting for anything without taking up valuable floor space that could be used for the shots.

MILO robotic camera

Who doesn’t want a 13-foot tall, 1,200-pound robot in their studio? TRG has one of only a handful of MILO motion control rigs in the U.S., and we’re happy to have a robot that excels at making repeatable camera movements, time-up shots with trigger events, and combine video with CGI. This ample automaton has the flexibility to use different cameras, move around on a track, and capture smooth, straight line moves and arcs that would be nearly impossible for human operators.

A soundstage

We’ve got the space to transform our soundstage into whatever you need. Our 30,000-square-foot soundstage can be cut off from the rest of the studio and includes our cyc wall, a food stylist kitchen, and multiple customizable sets to give you the ability to shoot whatever you need for your brand, while ensuring capturing sound will not be an issue.

40 semi-permanent customizable sets

Speaking of customizable sets, we have plenty of them in our studio to help ensure that more sets are readily available when clients need them for new projects. We have a wide variety of sets, including indoor, outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, and other scenes, some of which have running water and drainage capabilities. All sets are modifiable and can be turned into whatever you need to help you maximize your budget and intended vision.

Two food stylist kitchens

Need to prepare the perfect food for your shoots? We have two full-size food stylist kitchens so that we can make whatever culinary creation is needed.

Flat lay room

If you need flat lay shots, we’ve got the room for you. Our dedicated flat lay room is closed off from the rest of the studio and construction with a special client area where people can hang out and see progress on their projects. The space is painted black to help control lighting and comes with two different flat lay tables and multiple surfaces that we can use to match your ideal aesthetic.

Silver faucet with food on cutting board and green background

Two-story prop room

If it can go in a scene, we probably have it. Our massive, two-story prop room is custom-built to fit our space – we even have our own prop master to oversee everything in it. While most studios don’t have prop rooms, we’ve been collecting everything from furniture to legally usable artwork to help clients save money while styling their sets.

Unreal Engine virtual production

Our investment in Unreal Engine allows us to create a quicker pipeline that still delivers the jaw-dropping visuals clients have come to expect. With its real-time rendering capabilities, our directors and cinematographers can visualize complex scenes, sets, and even lighting conditions on the fly. This immediate feedback allows for changes to be made on the spot, making the workflow more dynamic and cost-effective.

As for CGI visuals, Unreal Engine serves as a robust platform for creating highly detailed and realistic scenes, characters, and assets. Our team can take advantage of the engine's physically based rendering, real-time ray tracing, and an array of post-processing effects to produce cinematic-quality visuals for films, advertisements, or interactive experiences.

Phantom camera

When slow-mo is the way to go, it’s time for the Phantom. This high-speed camera can capture high quality footage at super high frame rates, allowing you to slow down time for your assets to shine. We can even mount the Phantom on MILO to create some special camera sequences you won’t find elsewhere. Most studios don’t want to spend up to $200,000 on a camera, but we did because we understand the importance of investing in new technology to provide our clients with unlimited possibilities for their projects. – BONUS! Now those rentals costs won’t go into your estimate.

Large quantities of gear

After several decades in the business, we’ve just kept growing. That growth includes the sheer amount of gear we have under one roof. All that gear means that we have enough of everything to support multiple clients at the same time. Regular studios may only be able to shoot two projects at a time, but thanks to our extensive collection of gear, tools and technology, we can run up to eight productions at the same time. We’re also less likely to need to rent equipment since we have so much stuff, and that’s a direct cost saving for your brand.

Ready to invest in high-end video, photography, CGI, and design work? Contact us today to invest in the most quality content at the most competitive price.

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