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TRG’s 160,000+ studio is filled with roughly 40 semi-permanent sets that can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. If none of our current set designs will fit your needs, TRG is ready to build a completely custom set for your project from the ground up.

Customizing one of the semi-permanent sets is the more cost-effective option as some construction costs have already been covered. These pre-made sets are adaptable to suit your specific needs as you can change wall colors, fixtures, tile and other design elements within the set. However, other clients may use this same layout and elements for other shoots. Custom-built sets provide a level of exclusivity for your project. The building process is more expensive, but a custom set is yours and yours alone. However, both semi-custom and custom sets can provide various cost savings over the course of your project depending on your needs.

The choice between the two can come down to preference, budget, and set needs. For example, if you need a set with running water or a built-in shower, it may limit your options. The more we know after our initial conversation, the better we can prepare a solution for your project. We’ll want to determine the scope of your project, whether it requires photo, video, or both. Some of the details we’ll use to figure out which set is right include:

  • A reference for the set
  • A general style for the set
  • Key set needs (ex. Specific room features)
  • A shot list and/or script

Once we have as much information as possible, we can figure out which set solution best fits your needs, along with how long the shoot will take, how many crew members will be required, and other factors. We will also need to estimate the overall cost of the materials required for the set as well. However, you can save money through co-op sets, which allows you to share your custom set with other companies in exchange for certain assets, like free cabinets or light fixtures.

Do you need the right multimedia production company to bring your products or services to life through commercial photography or video services? Contact TRG today to talk to one of our experts about what you need for your next project.

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