Before we get started with your composite imagery or retouching project, there are a few steps that will start your project on the right foot. 

We will gather information about your specific project needs, assess possible problematic variables and refine every last detail. These few steps will make sure that we understand your needs and have all the necessary tools to complete your project. 

3 Steps to Get Started on Your Composite Imagery or Retouching Project:


In order to provide the best solution for your project, we're going to need some specific information. First and foremost, we'll need to know where our usable assets will come from:

  • Photography
  • CGI
  • Stock imagery

This information is a big first step for your project. TRG can provide you with photography services, Computer Generated Imagery, and locate ideal stock imagery. We can also work with images that you provide, although we will have to review these to make sure that they will be usable for the project.

The imagery isn't the only information that we need to gather for your project. We also do a lot of research to make your composite imagery as accurate as possible. For example, if a client wants a project that will be used in South America, we will research regional aspects such as the plant life and architectural styles to make sure that your image accurately matches the region as much as possible.


Once we've gathered all of the necessary information needed for your composite imagery project, we work on eliminating variables that could prove to be problems later on in the process. One big issue is making sure that we have enough assets to create a quality composite image for your project. Depending on what your compositing needs are, there are certain factors that need to be considered.

What we look for depends on what you need. If you're trying to make an element of an image bigger or smaller, we'll have to consider getting photos with different hand placement so that we can seamlessly combine different photos. We may need to assess photos and see if we can use certain parts to piece the compositing puzzle together without any issue.

Based on the images already assembled, we can make a call on whether each asset will be usable and if we'll need more images to complete the project. When we're done with this step we'll be able to put a rough draft - known as a first look - of your project together so that you can see what we have in mind. If you like what you see and don't have any changes, we can move to the next step of the process.


Once the first look is approved, our compositors can get to work piecing everything together into a finished product. This means that our team will work on refining and retouching certain elements that will make the composite image look like it all came from the same environment. These elements include changes to the following:

  • Contrast
  • Directional Lighting
  • Saturation
  • Overall Luminosity
  • Grain | Noise

Our compositors mash up all of these elements into one finished product. What was once several different images is now a single image designed specifically for your company.

Professional Compositing and Retouching Services

Composite imagery can turn big ideas into high-quality imagery for your business. While TRG is a Cleveland multimedia company, we've provided work for clients across the globe and can help you make the composite imagery you need. Contact us today to have our team work on your compositing project.