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Case Study: Nautilus

"The size of our equipment is a big challenge. They’re rather large pieces of cardio equipment, so just transporting them and moving them throughout rooms and getting the lighting right can be difficult. There were many different factors to make our project challenging, but TRG came up with results with ease and never seemed very stressed about the size of what we were dealing with."

Retail Marketing Manager, Nautilus

Person on elliptical exercise bike

TRG Multimedia Works Out Solutions for Nautilus Cardio Equipment

The Client

Nautilus, Inc. is a marketer, developer, and manufacturer of home fitness equipment brands. Nautilus has helped millions of households around the world achieve their fitness goals through unique fitness solutions. TRG has done work for several of Nautilus' brands, including a special project for their line of Schwinn cardio equipment.

The Results

48 - Hi-Res retouched images.

4 - 2 minute videos

The Challenges

There were three major challenges to the Schwinn project: logistics, product size, and time. Since TRG is a Cleveland photography and video studio and Nautilus is headquartered in the state of Washington, Nautilus had to ship several large pieces of cardio equipment to us so that we could provide them with the images and video they needed.

Once we had the equipment, we had to create a plan to complete several different services in the span of a week, all while transporting the equipment around. We would also need to come up with a creative way to showcase the products for video work that would be able to handle the overall size of the equipment. As always, we had to do all of this and make sure that the images and video we provided to Nautilus met and exceeded our high standards.

How TRG Helped

In order to ensure that we got all the looks we needed, we put a plan in place that fit the challenges from the client. One challenge was that shipping cardio equipment across the country is a lot easier than carrying them across a city. Part of our plan hinged on our ability to lug around huge machines to different locations. That meant transporting the equipment to an apartment space in downtown Cleveland where we could take location shots. Keep in mind, we had to do this on a tight schedule so that we could utilize the sun at the optimum times. Fortunately, we love a challenge.

Even after we brought the machines to the apartment, there was still a lot of ongoing physical work, which meant that we were going to get a good workout. Since we were shooting in natural light, we had to adjust furniture when we changed angles, all while managing the talent that we hired for the location shoot. This shoot also required 8 to 10 people to be crammed into this apartment at all times, making the process a frenetic, constantly-moving affair. Also, we had to manage all of this without running too long on time. These factors made for one fun challenge. In addition to loving what we do, we're also quite good at it, so we quickly and calmly worked to get the all shots for Nautilus would need. Once we were ready, we carried these large masses of metal and all of our equipment back down the building and transported everything to our studio for the next part of the project.

While we had the talent and tools necessary for our location and product shoots, we had to get even more creative when we were back at our studio. We wanted to create a spinning effect for the video, but we didn't have anything that could handle the cardio equipment. We like making our clients happy and coming up with cool solutions, so we built a 12-foot turntable from scratch for the project. We were then able to place these large pieces of equipment on the turntable and shoot the effect for a splash reel video. Add in product shoots on white backgrounds, and we were able to complete multiple looks in multiple locations all in the span of one exciting week.

After collecting all of the images and footage we needed - and getting quite a workout in the process - we said farewell to these machines and shipped the equipment back to Nautilus. We then went to work on editing down our shots into the final assets for the project.

What Would You Say About TRG?

"I would absolutely recommend TRG Multimedia. They’ve been nothing but professional during our work with them. They’re easy to work with and make the process really smooth. It's really long and difficult work and people can easily get tired, but they just don’t show it. They’re all professionals and work to please the client."

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