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Design That Tells A Story

Designing a space that looks and feels authentic is a critical part of the work done by our Art Directors and Stylists. Whether working on a physical set for a commercial photo or video shoot or a virtual one for a CGI project, TRG’s designers approach the task of creating each environment by imagining a story about the people who would inhabit it.


The designer will ask questions as they flesh out details to invent a character. Who lives in this space? What do they do for a living? What are their hobbies or interests? Are they single or in a relationship? How old are they? Do they have pets? Children?


The answers to these and other questions provide a framework for their work. They then create a design board that will reference inspiration pieces, colors, furnishings, and props that will help them assemble the pieces and props to finish styling the space to feel authentic.


For this stunning kitchen brought to life for Moen, a full backstory of its owner was created. This person likes a clean look and appreciates global influences. They experiment with natural dyes and buy vintage pieces. They grow their own herbs and embrace an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The design and prop details work together to tell this story. The mixture of classic techniques, like Japanese Shou Sugi Ban, and minimalist cabinets inspired by Scandinavian style shows that the owner draws from international influences. The fresh chamomile in the kitchen and the canisters on the counter tell the viewer that they grow and dry their herbs.


When working on the set design for this entryway created for Sherwin Williams, the designer wanted to evoke a mid-century modern vibe as they highlighted a new paint color. The character study produced for the fictional owners of this home included details such as them being empty nesters in their early 50s who live someplace like Monterey, California. They enjoy shopping at farmer’s markets and exploring nature. They are an educated, professional couple who take pride in their home. They like to mix modern touches with traditional elements.

The cool, retro starburst design on the front doors immediately gives the space a mid-century modern feel. The contemporary lamps on the credenza also evoke this classic style. Prop details like the woven shopping bag, jackets, and sandals help relay information about the people who live here.


The character backstories are a critical early step in creating a believable space for our clients. It’s from this foundation that all decisions about the final styling will be determined to ensure a stunning result for our clients.


TRG’s design team is packed with talent and creativity. They create environments to showcase our client’s products and ensure these spaces feel genuine. Contact us today if you want to see what our designers can do to bring your commercial photography, video or CGI project to life.

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